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McFarland Education Foundation Scholarships

About the MEF Scholarship Committee

Each year the McFarland Education Foundation works with the MHS Students Services team and awards scholarships to McFarland Seniors.


Students write two essays to be considered to receive a scholarship. Each year we award 70+ McFarland Education Foundation funded scholarships, we couldn’t do this important work without our donors and fundraising efforts.

Please read on for FAQ and notes about some of our amazing donors.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the process for applying for scholarship?

    • Students will be given a presentation by the High School Student Services team in February. Students receive all of the information on how to apply at that time. Students have until the Monday after Spring Break to complete their application.​

  2. What forms do I need to fill out?

    • Students receive all of the information in their packets on Scholarship Night. There are three items they need to complete:

    1. Send a Thank You Card (there is a pre-addressed enveloped and provided Thank You Card)

    2. Form A- This is the acceptance form and digital release form.

    3. Form B- This form is necessary for sending your scholarship check to your University.

  3. How do I get my scholarship money?

    • The MEF will send your scholarship check directly to your university. This is why Form B is so important. Be sure that your form has the correct address for your universities Business/Financial Aid Office as well as your correct Student ID#.​

  4. Timeline for receiving scholarships?

    • We ask that students finish Form B by mid August. At that time, our MEF Treasurer will begin to cut checks to be sent to universities. It's efficient to do this at the same time, we will not send checks as forms are completed throughout the summer. Please remember that the people on the MEF Board is composed of volunteers.​ 

    • Some universities take a long time to process checks, please do not expect to have your scholarship check for the first semester payment.

  5. Who can I contact if I'm having an issue with scholarships?

    • Please contact the McFarland Education Foundation gmail account. It is monitored weekly by our administrative assistant and you should get a response.​

  6. How were scholarships recipients selected? 

    • All scholarships applications are read by 3 readers. Applicants are anonymous (names are removed) during the reading process. Readers are compiled of McFarland School District Retirees, MEF Board Members, and current McFarland Educators.

    • Readers score essays #1 and #2 on a rubric (provided on the application) and the MEF Averages each essay's scores among the three readers. Scores for the essays #1 and #2 are then averaged to provide an "overall score" for each application.​

    • A Scholarship Committee of 4-5 people meet and work through the scores from highest to lowest, matching up extracurriculars, work experience, future plans of study, and overall experiences with correlating scholarships. The selection process continued to be anonymous (no names).


Perpetual & Annual Scholarships

The McFarland Education Foundation is generously supported through gifts and memorials.  Many families, individuals and businesses sponsor scholarships.

2024 MEF Scholarship Donors

Endowed Donors (annual donors):
  • Amy Damon & Brandon Slattery Memorial

  • Anthony D'Amato and Norman Raasch

  • Bernie Friedlund Boy Scout Troup #53

  • Brandon "Griz" Garland Memorial

  • Donald Barnes Memorial

  • Donald Pahnke Memorial

  • Engen Family Scholarship

  • Harrington Family Scholarship

  • Lease Weber Family Scholarship

  • Marion Garvey Memorial

  • Mark McLaughlin Memorial

  • Robert Renslo Memorial

  • Rossman Family Scholarship

  • Schwartz Family

  • Sheryl Renslo Memorial Scholarship (new in 2022)

  • Shirlene Mack Memorial

  • Stuart Hardtke Memorial Scholarship

  • Thieding Family Memorial Scholarship

  • Thomas Garvey Memorial

  • Tiffany Nelson Memorial Scholarship

  • Bill Garvey Memorial

  • Gannon Family Scholarship

  • Kosmo Family Pepsico Scholarship

  • Polipnick Family

  • Mary Carew Pierce Scholarship

  • Joshua James Kopp Memorial

  • Margaret Hayes Carew Literacy Scholarship

  • Angie O'Donnell Memorial

  • Emmy Kennedy Memorial

  • Howery Family Scholarship

  • Richard Reisinger Memorial Engineering Scholarship

Pass-Through Scholarships:

  • Aly Wolff Memorial Scholarship

  • American Legion Auxiliary Unit 534 Scholarship

  • Amtelco Corporation Scholarship

  • Carter Smith Memorial Scholarship

  • Dylan Schoenecke Scholarship

  • Edward Jones Joe Mueting Scholarship

  • Fisher Family Scholarship

  • With Heart Scholarsship

  • Frank Ransley Memorial Scholarship 

  • Gene McCartney Memorial Scholarship

  • Grace Brezenski Memorial Scholarship

  • Jack and Kay Perkl Memorial Scholarship

  • Jasmyne Baynard Black Leaders Matter Scholarship

  • Joel Marino Memorial Scholarship

  • Jordan Family Scholarship

  • Legacy Exteriors LLC Scholarship - Start Your Legacy

  • McFarland Boys Basketball Boosters

  • McFarland Federations of Teachers

  • McFarland Girls Basketball Boosters

  • One Community Bank

  • Schuepbach Family Scholarship

  • Sgt. Josh Brennan Memorial Scholarship

  • Sons of the American Legion-McFarland Post 534 Scholarship

  • Spartan Award Scholarship

  • TDS General Scholarship

  • Voss-Thorson Scholarship

  • Wayne Wendorf Memorial Scholarship

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