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Donate to the McFarland Education Foundation

The McFarland Education Foundation relies on contributions to providing scholarships to graduating seniors of McFarland High School and grants to educators within the McFarland School District.


Scholarships:  McFarland Education provides scholarships to graduating students of McFarland High School pursuing post graduation education.  Scholarships are granted to students based on contributions to the Foundation, through Endowed funds, pass through donations for scholarships and annual fundraising efforts.  In 2023, the McFarland Education Foundation awarded over $60,000 scholarships to students.  Your contributions benefit students through the amount available to provide students with scholarship opportunities.


Grants:  The Gannon Grant program was created to fund grants for teachers within the McFarland School District.  Your contributions allow the McFarland Education Foundation to provide funding to qualified grant applicants that benefit children of all ages within the school district annually above what is funded through the Gannon Family Grant.  The McFarland Education Foundation awarded approximately $8,000 of grants for the 2023 - 2024 school year.


A few of the grants that were provided by the McFarland Education Foundation and the Gannon Family Grant are:


  • Birthday Vending Machine Books at CEPS.

  • Social Club Activities focused on social emotional learning. 

  • Mentor Program matching students with adult mentors from the community. 

  • FanSchool, an online educational site that combines fantasy football with current events. 

  • Online Safety Program 

  • Books and Supplies for a pilot alternative education class program.

  • Wellness initiatives for district staff.


Administrative: The McFarland Education Foundation is a volunteer organization.  While the Board and Committee members volunteer their time to meet many needs of the organization, many administrative costs still occur for mailings, program expenses, etc.  Your donations help contribute to the administrative needs of the organization.

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