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Gannon Family Grant Program

The Gannon Family Grant supports creative initiatives and educator training that cannot be funded through the regular school budget, including projects that benefit the entire McFarland community.  This includes projects or programs that enhance the existing curriculum, enrich the educational opportunities or support meritorious extra-curricular projects, including fine arts, throughout the District. Grants may also assist in the acquisition of educational materials and facilities.

Application and Selection: To be considered for this grant, applicants must complete and submit an online Gannon Family Grant Application Form  provided by the McFarland Education Foundation. To ensure alignment with MSD goals and objectives, approval of building principal or supervising administrator is required at time of application. Selection of award recipients is made by a committee of the McFarland Education Foundation.


Grant Award: The grant shall be administered using the following parameters:

  • Grants may be awarded annually in accordance with the McFarland Education Foundation Grant Application Policy.

  • All staff members, early childhood through high school and the 18-21 year-old transition program, are eligible.

  • The grant will be available for the school year, beginning after the grant is awarded.


Progress and Completion Report: Grant recipients will be required to submit a progress report by December 31st of the school year the grant begins and at the conclusion of their work on the program/project. This report will include a summary of the work done, the evaluation results, and a detailed listing of expenditures.

Application Deadline: Applications for grant awards must be received by the end of day, Friday June 28, 2024.

Recipients will be notified not later than August 1, 2024 to make plans for the 2024-2025 school year.


  • McFarland Education Foundation (MEF) grants are intended to fund innovative and creative projects as well as staff development that are new or different, outside the core school budget, and have the potential to improve or enhance the educational experience for all District students.

  • Lead Applicants will be notified about funding status.


  • Applications must be aligned with the mission and goals of both MEF and McFarland School District (MSD) policies will be funded. Requests for funding should be for creative, innovative projects falling outside regular District budgets.

  • Only MSD staff members or administrators may be Lead Applicants. can serve as project leaders. Students, student organizations or outside organizations are welcomed to be part of the project but may not be Lead Applicant.

  • All grant payments for expenditures or the purchases of materials, supplies, equipment or purchased services for grants awarded by MEF shall be made using the McFarland School District purchasing system, unless otherwise approved by MEF.

  • Completed original application of your grant must be submitted through the application form above by Friday June 28, 2024.

  • IMPORTANT: Approval of building principal or supervising administrator is required to ensure alignment with MSD goals and objectives. To be considered, applications must include e-mail copy of principal or supervising administrator approval.

  • All grant recipients will be required to complete a final evaluation at the end of the grant. Recipients will also be asked to present their final evaluation to the MEF Board.

  • Lead Applicants may only apply for one grant per annual funding cycle. However, they may be a Co-applicant on another application.

  • Grant applications are for the 2024-2025 school year.  If for any reason the grant was not utilized during the school year, a new application indicating as such must be submitted the following year for approval.  Grant awards do not carry over to future school years. 

Submittal Checklist:

  • Completed Gannon Family Grant Application.

  • Attach email approval of building principal or supervising administrator to the application form. 

  • Submit form and approval submitted by Friday June 28, 2024.

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