Neighbors Helping Neighbors McFarland

The McFarland Education Foundation regularly asks our community for donations to be put toward scholarships and teacher grants. McFarland businesses have always responded with great generosity. During these unprecedented times, we want to do something for these businesses and help our

McFarland Neighbors in need.

While not an initiative sponsored by the Foundation, many of the Board members have collaborated to start: Neighbors Helping Neighbors McFarland
All funds from this initiative will be used to purchase gift cards from local restaurants that will be given to the Food Pantry for distribution.
Through Neighbors Helping Neighbors McFarland we hope to raise enough money to purchase gift cards of $75 to 200 families. That puts our fundraising goal at $15,000.
-All of the funds raised will go toward purchasing gift cards from McFarland restaurants.

(The restaurants have been contacted and are grateful for this opportunity)
-The gift cards will be purchased by our team and given to the McFarland Food Pantry.
-The McFarland Food Pantry will distribute these gift cards to families in need.
We are asking McFarland residents, friends and local businesses to donate if you can.
3 ways to Donate
1. Use PayPal to donate online: Send your donation amount to PayPal-
2. Deliver checks or cash to the McFarland State Bank: Go to the bank and deposit directly via the drive-through! Checks should be made out to Neighbors Helping Neighbors McFarland
3. Mail a donation: Checks made out to "Neighbors Helping Neighbors McFarland" can be sent directly to the McFarland State Bank at 5990 US-51, McFarland, WI 53558
Any funds remaining in this account will be given to the McFarland Food Pantry.

Funds are not tax deductible.
Any questions can be sent to